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About once every 1-2 weeks I keep getting the red dot notification next to the Store button. When going into the Store I typically don't see anything different. Recently there were a few medals with people's faces on them for sale, so those updates were OK, but other than that it doesn't seem like there are real updates. Or at least it's difficult to identify what was updated. I'd recommend to add a section to the Store area called Updates or What's New and list the newly added or removed items there, so that players know why they just chased the red dot laser.

Additionally, since I'm on the topic of the Store and have a chance to complain - the prices there there are terrible. Almost $1 for 10 power cubes? $3 for a single Portal Fracker? $6 for 100 XMP? All of these are a joke. A casual player that plays somewhat consistently can easily farm all of these during normal gameplay. I would only consider buying stuff from there if the price was $1 for 100 cubes or 100 XMP, etc. A very small amount of money I can easily part with for a meaningful amount of items. You've successfully fallen into the pit of microtransaction bad guys.

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  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Its when they change stuff. They changed before IFS, for IFS, after IFS

    And yesterday they added in 100 L8 xmps for 9500 CMU. Once upon a time @ace said that they'd never sell gear in the store. What a lie that was.

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