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panfolekpanfolek ✭✭✭

Dear Niantic,

Please give us back key multiplication feature back. No more no less.



  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Absolutely no!

    In only a very few niche circumstances where going back would take SIGNIFICANT effort, for example, Antarctica.

    Then and only then in such niche circumstances key dupe may be required.

    And only if Very Rare Kinetic Capsules are implemented, and Reserve key duplication for these very rare Kinetic Capsules

  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Grogyan I would argue exactly the opposite-- those are the keys that should never be duped. Hard-to-access portals should be hard to use.

    I would be OK if people were able to duplicate keys to their local park or downtown area because they like to microfield it regularly. At this point I think that if key duplication were to come back then duplicated keys should have a special flag that limits their links to local-only, maybe a max distance of something like 500m.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Hosette I stated that in my opinion, it is a solid no, to all key duplication.

    Players really enjoyed the planning to harvest hard to reach portals before MUFGs/Quantums came out.

    But sometimes a place, like Antarctica, isn't exactly a short trip, and difficult to do when you're not a researcher down there. We just do not have the player numbers we once had to make a collective effort to use such a portal.

    However there are opportunities to use said portal for fielding operations.

    One idea I had was, for one faction to field the planet.

    The Enlightened came Close with fielding the northern hemisphere.

    There are now hard to reach portals in the Southern Hemisphere now, to make such a venture possible.

    Or Shard games.

    There are severely a limited number of keys for those Portals hinders such operations currently in circulation.

    As I state, very very niche reason for key duplication. That it is so niche it is almost not worth it

  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Grogyan Hrmm. I think we have exactly the opposite problem... there are way too many keys floating around to those hard-to-access portals.

    I live in California and a few years ago someone in Asia gave me a souvenir key to a portal in Antarctica. Of course I stuck it in a MUFG (as they were called at the time) and wound up with so many that I have probably recycled 50+ and given away dozens... I sometimes drop one on a friend's desk or couch portal when I pass by, just as a greeting. None of us will ever use those, of course, but I'm quite certain that the people who are in a position to use those keys have duped them far more aggressively than I have.

    Here in coastal California both factions have long-standing durable portals in places like Alaska and Hawaii. For my Antarctica example, one person managed to turn a single key into 100+, and other people in the area have also turned one key into dozens.... and that's for nothing but a souvenir key. For the highest-value portals on both sides I'm quite certain there are thousands of keys in circulations right now... so many that it would probably take at least a decade to use them up. Turning off key duplication really did nothing to address the problem for portals that have been around a long time.

  • canon07canon07 ✭✭✭
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    I have absolutely no problem with key duping in Quantums going away. The ability to make hundreds or thousands of extra keys to hard-to-reach portals with little to no effort makes using up those keys way too easy.

    But making a kinetic program for keys is a very different thing than just having them in a Quantum/MUFG. You have to walk to get the kinetic to work. My guess is you would only be able to duplicate one key at a time and it would cost you items to make the dupe happen. Those items could be hard to get items like VR shields, or SBULAs making duping an expensive proposition.

    We lost the ability to make VR items in Quantums long ago but got the ability to make those items at a cost in a Kinetic.

    I think key duping should take the same route the only question being how costly should it be to make it happen?

  • IcyBlueHeartIcyBlueHeart ✭✭✭
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    The problem is no matter how you implement key duping, folks will figure a way to abuse it. We are just wired to seek an advantage. And by abuse, I don't mean cheat, I mean find a way to exceed the expected outcome.

    And cheaters will, make it dupe by kinetic and you get backpacks of them with a phone rocker.

  • canon07canon07 ✭✭✭

    By that logic, the kinetic capsules in and of themselves are inherently problematic. If they can be abused, we should be flooded with cheaters putting their phones in baby rockers and making VR shields with them, VR hack mods, SBULS and lvl8 gear galore. Why did they replace the VR creation capabilities of Quantums with kinetics but not keys? In my area we've got a couple of players with seemingly endless supplies of VR shields - how do we counteract them? We field over them. But now they have an advantage because they can still make VR shields but we can't make keys.

  • canon07canon07 ✭✭✭
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    I could say the exact same thing about very rare shields - if you want more of them go hack more portals. Getting keys from kinetics - which you have to walk to activate - means you did have to move to get the key, just in a different direction than you would have had to have gone to go hack the key. Depending on the location of the key, you could even have to move further than you would have had to go to hack the key in order to make one dupe in a kinetic. "It defeats the point because it's a go there game" isn't quite true because kinetics in fact require going somewhere, just not somewhere in particular.

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  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Simple win option is available for Niantic here.

    New kcap recipe that uses 1 original key and whatever other gear, to generate 3 keys. Since its nearly impossible to hack a kcap, but you can buy them for 2k cmu each. It's obvious. It's a way to monetize Ingress. I mean they are selling 100 packs of L8 xmps in the store. Why not sell the ability to duplicate keys?

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  • IcyBlueHeartIcyBlueHeart ✭✭✭

    canon07 And I would agree with you, you want shields, go hack them. Crafting items is a side game to add depth. But I still maintain that crafting keys is completely different. No way is it a right or even a good game idea that you make one trip to a difficult to reach portal and get a lifetime supply of keys for you and your team to use without ever going near it again.

  • CyclebiffCyclebiff ✭✭✭

    I'm a novice player in California feeling boxed in and need more keys to Scotty's castle.

    Please fix broken key dupe features!

  • canon07canon07 ✭✭✭

    A supply of keys can dwindle pretty quickly if you have to keep using them because someone takes down the other end of the links to your hard-to-reach portal. I mean if you don't like people linking to hard-to-reach portals keep killing the links. I would totally agree that there are too many keys to Scotty's Castle out there right now, but every time one of those links gets killed it's one less key. And with kinetic dupes, just like with kinetic VR gear, players who don't play can't dupe keys. There's no stashing them in a backpack account and having them grow so those hard-to-reach or even impossible to reach portals will have less keys, but not no keys.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    what if they sold a kinetic only for keys would that sell good? 🤔

  • Wilde76AWilde76A ✭✭✭

    I'd prefer no key duplication, let's go hack our gear again.

  • IcyBlueHeartIcyBlueHeart ✭✭✭
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    Make hacking and farming cooperation the norm again. No more lifetime supply of free quantum keys, and no kinetic ones unless the km to generate is equal to your km distance from the portal you want a key for.

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  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    @canon07 Both factions have portals that they've been duping keys to for years. I'm fairly certain that many of the long-standing durable portals in my area have thousands of keys available.

    Killing the links isn't so easy when it requires going somewhere without cell service, or a difficult hike, or a remote island, or all of the above. If one faction took down five links once a month and the other faction rethrew those five links once a month then it would take 16 years to deplete a thousand keys.

  • Of course this "hard to access portals" rule somehow does not apply to the machina.

  • canon07canon07 ✭✭✭

    I get it, there are way too many keys to a bunch of hard to reach portals. But that’s because you could dupe them in quantums. Kinetic’s are a vast improvement, they ensure people play to get things duped. Building up a stockpile like those that exist now will take far longer and much more work using kinetics. There used to be a lot of gear sellers who would sell you hundreds of pink shields but that seems to be far less of a thing now that you can’t just grow them with a couple hundred backpacks. Keys in kinetics would be a completely different animal than keys in quantums.

  • IcyBlueHeartIcyBlueHeart ✭✭✭

    If keys go into kinetics it should cost you the same km to generate the key as the distance you are from the portal.

  • IcyBlueHeartIcyBlueHeart ✭✭✭

    Nice argument, perhaps you should grow up a bit before coming to the adult forums.


    So say I wanted to dupe a key for my own sake and not to use. Say its the Icelandic Phallological Museum for example.... It is roughly 4,000 KM away from me. So you want me to walk 4,000km to dupe one more key... Right.

  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    One of the ways that I evaluate rules changes is to ask myself how bad actors will game that system. For this proposal the answer is quite obvious to me.

  • IcyBlueHeartIcyBlueHeart ✭✭✭

    The variable length key kinetic capsule was something of a tounge in cheek idea. I don't want keys in a kinetic because the capsules 'are' so easily abused. There are three or four easy ways anyone can do it if so inclined.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭
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    There is already a method to gain over 50 portal keys in under half an hour.

    We don't need portal key duplication

    I should rephrase this, there is a method for getting lots of keys, whilst playing solo.

    Depending on how many keys you want, there is a free method, and a paid method.

    The paid method means gaining over 50 portal keys

    Free method around 25 keys.

  • If you can't access a portal directly, reorganize your plan.

    If you can access a portal directly, hack more.

    Duplication was a crutch the damaged the game both in strategies employed, and teamwork instigation. Good riddance.

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