Echo Anomaly Series - Rules [Discussion]

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TS-1218 is the version of events Agents investigated from 2012—2018. TS-OSIRIS is the version of events accessed via the Ingress Prime Scanner. What we’re experiencing now, following the aftermath of the Epiphany Dawn Anomaly Series and Machina’s ingression, is something altogether different.

This isn’t mass hallucination or a false memory, like the Mandela Effect/Kureze Effect. We’re firmly planted in a new and alternate reality, codenamed TS-RUBICON. (The Rubicon is a shallow river in northeast Italy, and was the decisive point that no army was meant to cross without permission of the Roman Senate. Its name is a reference to the ruddy color of the soil on its banks.)

The Niantic Project at CERN was not the first time a sculptor, a quantum biologist, a reality TV show host, a club DJ, a linguist, and 8 others had met. This random gathering of people wasn’t random at all. In TS-RUBICON, Agents are investigating how these 13 people would eventually come together to set a plan in motion that would ultimately lead to an exploded Hypercube and XM Scanner technology leaking to the general public.

The Resistance victory of the MZFPK HexQuest successfully influenced Jarvis to travel to the largest railway station in Switzerland. In Echo, Agents continue to interpret Tycho’s visions of the past, present, and future to influence his path. An Enlightened victory has Jarvis seeking Carrie Campbell. A Resistance victory has him seeking Devra Bogdanovich. Der Würfel ist nicht gefallen.


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    A discussion post about rules that doesn't even list the rules hmmm 🤔

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    That's how discussions work.

    You can read the rules yourself using the kindly-provided link, and then come back here for discussing them with other agents.

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    I had been wondering how Niantic was planning to make money from people who don't go to primary sites this year. Apparently, the answer is "sell lots of character medals in the store." I hope all the freeloaders at the secondary sites appreciate me subsidizing them.

    True Story: I bought 200,000 CMU in February 2020, because Niantic was switching to all-virtual loadout kits, and buying CMU in bulk is more cost-effective. Then COVID-19 hit, Niantic cancelled all in-person events for year, then switched back to physical swag kits for 2022. I didn't finish spending that 200k CMU until the MZFPK character medals. I hope they stick to the plan this time.

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  • I definitely won’t be driving thousands of miles for a phone game. Is Niantic out of bones to throw the remote rural players, or are we simply less important? It costs them nothing to allow remote players to participate, it’s digital after all.

    After reading about the reasoning behind these exclusionary events, I’ve decided to start voicing my dissatisfaction with how these events are run. If the only voices being heard are the ones pushing for exclusion, then nothing will ever change.

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    ingress isn't a couch game.

    if traveling isn't your thing you should find another game that suits your gameplay

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    I agree it’s not a couch game, but still would love some events I could accomplish in my local area or without travelling to another country. Maybe next season they will do some events other than IFS, SS and an anomaly each month.

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    What lol?

    Surely there could be something in between sitting on the couch and traveling thousands of miles to an anomaly city.

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    I think that was what Machina was SUPPOSED to be. Niantic didn't get the ratios right.

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    I was thinking something tied to the anomaly like a connected cell.

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