[Feature Request] Make recharge actions visible in Activities

FireFight001FireFight001 ✭✭
edited March 27 in General

There are plenty of accusations of people from both teams about so-called recharge bots that make capturing a portal or whole areas nearly impossible to capture, even when spam-attacking using Level 8 bursters.

This is a topic which is common to see brought up in some of the largest cross faction chat groups, such as 'IUENG Discussions' with people from both factions accusing the opposite faction of using recharge bots.

There's an easy way of stopping all these rumors, or prove that it is a problem - make recharge actions visible.

The recharge action should be visible based on the location of the portal, not the playing doing the actual recharge, but should contain timestamp and agentName of the user doing the recharge. It should also be visible only within the set view-distance of the Activities tab.


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