Scanner does not enforce location services in portal view

when you deactivate the location services from the Android status menu, the scanner immediately pop ups a message from the map view to reactivate them before any other action is possible.

This behaviour is missing in the portal view. So if one opens a portal and then decativates the location services the agent is able to interact with the portal, upgrade, hack, mod, link the portal or even leave the portal view, flip or destroy that portal and capture it, while moving on, even at high speed, e.g. in a car or train.

(after some timeout a "no location" message pops up, and enforces reactivating location services)

For me that is some kind of location spoofing and I suspect it is used by some agents in my area to interact with portals - usually destroy/capture them - while going by train.

Please fix that and make sure the Ingress scanner is not able to do any actions when location services are off.

Every agent who reads this: Don't use it! It's unfair and destroys our game.

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