Regarding periodic Machina impact

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In those few months, Machina phenomenon made people walk more, talk more.

People recognize the Machina as virus, like a living thing. It spreads, grows from level 1 to level 8.

Spread Machina periodically, regularly. It is necessary and meaningful move to bring vivid activity to ingress community. Just like we get stronger after get through from illness.

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  • I agree. MACHINA should be as many as before.

  • Absolutely disagree. I'm surprised to even find some who actually like the Machina phenomenon. I was so happy to see the links disappear a few months ago, as were many others. I know some very active players stopped their pay subscriptions until they were removed. Not sure if they're still ftp now, but it really fxxxed things up here. Everyone in my local community absolutely hates Machina. There is more than enough work to cover as it is, considering this is a GAME. Most people have other stuff to do in their lives also, besides darting from portal to portal 24/7. Personally, I simply don't have the time, energy og health do run around like that (and I don't drive, so will never be a "real agent" anyway lol).

    I see myself using all my energy and time for Ingress just trying to keep the red **** down. Such a huge demotivation, and I have more or less stopped playing because of partly Machina, partly how horrible Niantic Support is. A few drone hacks a day and then I just close the game because I don't even know where to start with all these **** links... But hey, it's nice that someone enjoys them. lol

  • Machina is killing this game! Unfortunately in the big cities machina has taken over, creating a control field together with some friends has become a real problem.

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