Distance problem for badge

It's near 10 degree wind chill, so that makes 6 km very tough. After the first km+ where i got the other 5 missions finished, I said, yeah we're slow driving the rest. So I did laps around an apartment complex, making sure to never break 10. Most of the time just at 5+ mph. That would easily be 6 km for less than an hour of laps.

Started getting worried after like 15 minutes, it wouldn't increment. After 20, now definitely worried, I wouldn't hit 6 by midnight.

I started a Kinetic just before I started the laps. All told for 45 min, the Kinetic said I only got in about 1.5 km. Definitely should be way more than that. So I gave up at 1150, since I had given myself 1 hour for less than 5 km, yet somehow still had 2+ km to go.

Anyone else have this problem?



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