Distance problem for badge

It's near 10 degree wind chill, so that makes 6 km very tough. After the first km+ where i got the other 5 missions finished, I said, yeah we're slow driving the rest. So I did laps around an apartment complex, making sure to never break 10. Most of the time just at 5+ mph. That would easily be 6 km for less than an hour of laps.

Started getting worried after like 15 minutes, it wouldn't increment. After 20, now definitely worried, I wouldn't hit 6 by midnight.

I started a Kinetic just before I started the laps. All told for 45 min, the Kinetic said I only got in about 1.5 km. Definitely should be way more than that. So I gave up at 1150, since I had given myself 1 hour for less than 5 km, yet somehow still had 2+ km to go.

Anyone else have this problem?



  • Try doing a charge at each corner you turn. You need to create data points so that distance is measured at as many points as you can.

  • Will also point out, I submitted a ticket for this. The support bot says estimated time of reply was 14 days. What???

  • I did hack a portal each time around and inventory management/recharge, since there was nothing else to do

  • And keep speed under 7 mph. The important thing though is the data points, especially if you are doing laps, you want every side counted not a measure across the lap which can happen if it's just when the system grabs a measure.

  • I just want the badge. 6 km is super dumb. Should have been 2 tops. All the Mission legs could be done under 10 minutes after you get to mass of portals, except walking.

  • Think of it like bread crumbs, I take a portal and charge each reso separately as I make my way around my loop and the distance just adds up no problem. Though it is not real time and I have waited for it to catch up.

  • 6 km is not so much. I get a lot of distance from adventure sync just doing my daily activities. I'm a tap hacker, I got plenty of walking trying to find L1 portals I could successfully glyph hack for 60 points. Glyph hacking is such a waste of time.

  • This would help, if I had more time for the badge, which should have included Sunday too

  • It began collecting data a day early so meeting the requirements seemed easy. Except for the glyphs.

  • If you have adventure sync enabled, this is not necessary anymore.

    But 10mph is definitely too fast.

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    I think part of the problem is the game checks in on your progress every so often. We’ll see once a minute, I don’t actually know how often. So if it takes a minute to do a lap at your place, the game thinks you’ve really only move…100ft or something. Speed should be 11.5km/h or less.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    7km/hr is the speed limit I've found.

    Which is a problem if you walk faster than 7km/hr

    Average walking speed is 4km/hr

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    Hint: Two wheels, chain drive, handle bars and human powered. Very efficient km generator.

  • Bah, it's not like they tell you about this data point 'bug'/feature of the game. I just want the badge or another shot at it.

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    I'm looking at the walk I did on Saturday - 4.08 miles and that's 6.57 km

    I already had 1 km with the stats so there is some variability present.

  • Lol, I wrote what support resolution they were giving me and it's being censored

  • Guess I have to water it down. Support basically said: No, you're out of luck, everyone that got medals is everyone that got them. We're not handing out any more.

    I had planned on going to the anomaly, but now I think not, nor will I promote ingress in any way. I did guess 1/5 of the player base was going to leave with intro to machina. The player cannot handle much more negative

  • One of the things I both love and hate about Ingress is that we are not given detailed info about the game mechanics. I love figuring things out and the community learns and shares information. Sorry you missed out on the medal, the learning curve in this game can be unforgiving.

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    Leaving a badge till the last minutes probably not a smart move.

  • AkakunAkakun ✭✭✭

    Plus hoping that cargressing can solve everything.

    I enabled adventure sync during the event and helped me to do 3 of the 6 km.

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