HexQuest tasks accomplished, but achievement skipped

rukhrukh ✭✭

I achieved all that was needed to complete HexQuest ops, but the distance walked op was not awarded.

See screenshot, where I've now walked 13 of 6 required km, but the achievement was not recognized.


  • I spent about 5 hours today working on this. I did about 3-5 times what was needed for everything but walking. When I knew I was a couple of KM beyond what I needed without getting it, I re-started the app/game. I saw an alert light for Agent Ops and opened it up. I saw the trackers for the quests and that they were all at zero.

    I don't have the time or the energy to do it yet another time. Is there anything that can be done because I did well over the requirments.

    (I tried to post a screenshot but I haven't been here long enough apparently.

    I can upload my week stats to show I'm above the minimums if that will help. IGN Zathras357

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