iOS Field Animations No Longer Working - texture replaced with low res junk

I first noticed this several weeks ago, standing under a field that looked like a non-moving, zoomed-in low-quality, pixelated .JPG.

Not on battery saver mode. On version 2.111.2 - however this issue pre-dates this version.

Asked team mates on Android if they're experiencing the same, but all of the animations work fine on Android.

Specific steps to reproduce:

Step 1. Open ingress on iOS.

Step 1.5 look at a control field.

Describe what you expected and what actually happened:

Fields used to be animated. Now they are not, and seemingly replaced with a super low quality pixelated texture.

Model name iPhone 13 Max Pro

OS: iOS 16.0

Issue occurs on both Wifi and Cellular data.

Notice how sh*tty it looks in the app. It's a 10x10 pixel tile (you can count them), stretched up 500%, and tiled across the field. It looks like a really low-res and unappetising waffle. The pre-prime scanner looked better than this!

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  • DrHydrosaurDrHydrosaur ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 17

    I was originally wondering if this was a homage to Minecraft. When it does this in green I can’t help but think of creepers.

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