In South Korea, all users are being harmed by 1 player every day.

This photo is a record for only 1 player.

This isn't an event, it's something that happens every day.

The user was seen at the location again today by a local user.

The user causing this behavior has been seen in other locations with a similar pattern.

This user has been reported to Niantic for a couple of years now, but no action has been taken.

This user still creates an abusing account that mimics user nicknames from both factions and repeats the behavior as shown.

I'm increasingly starting to question whether the NIA, which looks the other way, is actively encouraging this behavior.

We continue to see issues with abusing accounts on that forum, and I understand that posts on that forum are not reported to the NIA.

However, as I've posted before, there are no Vanguard users in Korea.

To resolve this issue, we will need help from Vanguards in other regions, or help from NIA staff.

When will local users be able to play normally?


  • jizzajizza ✭✭

    nia doesn't care about multiple accounts and that's a shame

  • praeteritapraeterita ✭✭
    edited March 15

    Today, that player repeats the same behavior.

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