How Machina ruined gameplay in rural areas.

It took only one bug turned into feature to ruin the point of PvP gameplay in areas with fever agents density. Nests of red undead portals located in areas where last agent activity was seen years ago blocking almost every linking attempt.

One of the main goals of ingress used to be gain more MU than opposing faction. Now any plan, any idea can be ruined by random red link appearing in silence. Our local communities instead of fighting enl, fight the game itself.

It feels like playing League of Legends but your team starts with all 3 inhibitors down, or playing CS:GO but your weapon has 10% chances of jamming, or chess but you start without Queen. My point is that due to machina your opponents can defeat you just by doing nothing, you lose not because your opponent is better than you. No, you just get doomed by the game "feature".

What is the point of organising key exchanges, gathering group of agents, preparing protecting links, planning operations months in advantage when all of that can be ruined by one red link in unreachable area cutting already existing links in half.

-But now people can play without perma fields! Well they cannot if their town is literraly cut by red links 4 km long coming from everywhere. To be able to link 3 portals closest to their home they have to travel almost entire town, to fight for the ability of linking in the next few days as Machina will grow back anyway.

I can see how a new player with no gear will be able to level up there, when single hack will drain all of his or her xm bar. After a few hack attempts there will be no xm left, no bursters to clean up the area of high level undead regenerating red portals.

-But stop crying you can just go clean it, but what is the point of traveling many kilometers just to deal with link created by ToS breaking algorithm, which will respawn back in next days, hours or even minutes!!!

I used to make some night raids hunting down green portals knowing that living person came there before me, and another one will have to come after me to destroy portal I captured, but using fuel and time just to fight red links created by... void? some ai? god itself? random code created by some employee from the other side of the globe who added this "feature" to impress his manager? What is the point of that?

Fight with the game itself to be able to fight the opponents, its is only the matter of time when agents including myself will ragequit.


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    Immortal (no decay to zero) Machina spawning on remote portals and then being able to link unrestricted is a major problem.

    The best way to control Machina growth is to totally while it out. But you can’t do that if the portal is inaccessible for some reason.

    I think being able to strategically box in Machina growth would add a nice game play element.

    So Niantic please let Machina make fields and eliminate (or severely reduce) it’s cross linking ability.


    You missed the point where they said "knowing that living person came there before me"

    I have no problem going to any portal that another human being has gone to themselves. My problem is when a bot uses super durable portals on a regular basis and I need to continually go to Mile Marker 48.5 or Super Deep in the Wood Trail Marker. Yes I try to keep these portals charged so they do not come back but being realistic I do not have space or the time to keep thousands of portals charged just so Machina don't spawn there. With PoGo players going nuts submitting things I am not trying to charge Softball Field 8b Home Team Dugout #2 along with the other 65 portals inside of a baseball field either.

    I get that things used to be different(been playing about 4 years) but the solution to "there isn't enough PVP going on because there aren't enough players" is not just make bots. Maybe start by making the game not lag so when a new agent does download the game they can have a good experience and not get frustrated because it takes forever to do certain things. We are used to dealing with the lag already so we just roll our eyes and wait 30 seconds to charge that portal or deploy that reso but new players are not used to these things.

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    But now even without red links there's basically no incentive to spend time and effort to BAF.

    niantic has made it so that Control Fields have ceased to exist. Now they're just fields, and what is the point.

  • ZormouseZormouse ✭✭

    It almost seems that they want to punish lonely players. As if it were their fault that there are no other players for tens and tens of kilometers; or if these other players have quit the game.

    Are you alone to play? You think it's not very rewarding, wait for me to mortify you a little more..

  • Well if there is one lonely player his or her field will stay forever and even machina's ToS breaking links won't change that. However if we look at the place where there are 2 or more agents fighting for control and one of them gets constantly doomed by machina, then things become unfair.

  • ZormouseZormouse ✭✭

    If you are a lone player and keep your zone in fields can you tell me how you play? Do you only play recharge?

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