Help! NL-1331 SXSW ticket receipt lost

edited March 7 in Event Support

I've bought 3 NL-1331 SXSW kits but didn't get the email containing the ticket receipts. I've checked the Spam & Deleted folder but still can't find it. So I reported the issue using the chatbot. 

After I reported the issue using the chatbot, it directed me to Niantic Support. ... The situation soon devolved into a Hell loop in which Niantic Support asked me to use the chatbot, and the chatbot again asked me to reach out to Niantic Support... Both then closed the issue ticket as if the issue was resolved and asked me to rate the help! 🙄 As if anything better than zero stars is warranted so far. 

The event is days away. Is all hope lost?


  • theChanditheChandi ✭✭✭

    If you are going to be at SXSW Ethan should be able to look you up in the system directly. I once typoed my email address and the ticket got lost. Ethan was able to look it up on site.

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