[Feaure Request] Select all keys in Portal Keys Inventory Carousel, easing removal

Hulk32Hulk32 ✭✭✭

Since Machina appeared and thanks to the auto pick of items, we end up with tons of keys we likely won't use.

The feaure request is to add a button that would allow select all keys in our inventory and then remove them.

It should be easy to implement since we have similar buttons in Capsule management.

What do you think? @NianticBrian @NianticThia


  • TooLegitToExistTooLegitToExist ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 3

    I would prefer auto pickup to be toggled in settings in more details

    Auto pickup (on/off

    +Standard items yes/no

    +Keys yes/no

    I dont like the auto feature yet as i still wouldnt know what key im picking up esp when microfielding

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