Is story over?

So after Tesallation happened, there was Covid, which stopped any story happening...

But even now that Covid is over (at least I hope it is), it doesn't seem like story is continuing. Lot of players left the game (I am based in Ireland now, and I think that is mostly Resistance left here, almost no frogs, we can't even put FS together anymore) and it seems like Niantic doesn't really care... I know there are some smaller events planned, but it still feels like they are letting game die...

What are your thoughts about that?


  • AndyRozmanAndyRozman ✭✭
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    A lot of sites containing (parts of) backstory are down, but you might be able to get the story if you go through Youtube videos. I am slowly figting through them, as well as reading those 4 ingress "books", containing a lot of background material.

    But yes you are right, getting backstory is harder than it should be... Its actually so hard that most of new people just don't bother...

    Too bad, because backstory is what makes Ingress expirence something special... at least it did it for me.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NianticBrian and @NianticThia are basically getting the story back up and running again.

    There is supposed to be some new story coming out after the MZFPK Anomaly

  • Thank you for your understanding. I'm going over the Youtube videos and have always hated when they have only 1k or even less views. I love those actresses and actors, and they really deserve better than this. Actually, with all these stories Ingress itself deserves better, rather than the constant "dead game" jokes heard from local agents.

  • @DarthRL I was looking through one of the topics in this group and I found what Techthulu means. If you look at and there is blog entry called Niantic Sourcebook, you will find description there... Site is in italian but google translate works quite good there...

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