2.110 scanner crash

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Open app.

Wait almost until globe animation.

Press new "agent stat" button(daily streak)

Voila, app will crash or stuck.

Happens not all the time.

Device is Motorola One Power (6/64 version) with global stock Android 10

Upd: the same happens on Redmi Note 5 with custom LineageOS on Android10

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Working On A Fix · Last Updated


  • Thanks for your report; we're working on a fix. Something changed after we upgraded to the latest Unity 2021 LTS release that's affecting Portal photos and other images.

  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    Had some strange problem with play services today then catched update to 2.110.2(don't remember if it was exactly *2 before), in notes was mentioned image fix for Unity etc).

    And this bug still present. IDK about images, never look at them long

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