CAL Error frequency growing.

I'm going to make this short and sweet because it is already been presented to admin by a fee agents I've spoke with. Plus there is a very detailed post as to what the issue is. It is identical for all of us experiencing it. Suddenly, without reason, when we interact with a certain percentage of portals we recieve the CAL access error. A system that's need to end spoofing but obviously is malfunctioning. Agents effected by this can hack, and glyph hack the portals but can not attack in any manner, remote charge, or chage while at the portal. For myself this has nearly killed my drive to play. Why am I going to take the time to travel to a portal for an OP or any other reason, just to find out there's othing there that I can do. Please NIA, either fix the issue, or please send me a detailed explanation of why my account has this happening to it as well as what my CAL score is, what it needs to be, and what factors go into its algorithm. Thanks.

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