Serial Spoofer Going Unbanned By Niantic on Their Third Account

SixtenTSixtenT ✭✭
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We're dealing with a spoofer on their third account. The first one took two weeks for Niantic to do anything, the second was banned fairly shortly after being created, but the third one is running wild today. Here are our ticket numbers that were ignored by useless bot support.









  • I should also mention, this account, in previous iterations as well, had specifically targeted the home areas of two other players and deliberately ignored controlled portals belonging to other players. This is obvious harassment. One player woke up to 250+ notifications overnight of their portals being attacked by this person...and they do not live in a particularly portal dense area.

  • The most egregious spoof from this third iteration was them "driving" from one portal in the woods to an private island in the middle of a lake in a subdivision that doesn't have a boat launch in 20 minutes, despite it taking 21 minutes just to drive from the parking lot, to the road at the side of the lake. Nothing said about the walk back, or the time it takes to launch your boat from someone's yard.

    But Niantic says "looks good to me! I know it's their third account in two days, but it's fine!"

    And another spoof today where they completed a 15 minute walk and 15 minute drive in 20 minutes total on icy roads.

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