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while we are having fun analyzing MACHINA, we stepped on an anomaly in the counter. It now happend several times, that there is a sudden steep rise or drop of 100-200k portals within minutes. One explanation might be a yet unknown server-side problem that surfaces here. Please forward the finding to the DEVs.


find the spreadsheet here:


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  • without breaking the fourth wall we can say that "something has changed" that's for sure. if, on the other hand, we want to get into the dynamics of the game, we know that there will soon be an anomaly where one of the objectives is also to destroy a certain number of resonators. I believe that by that date there will be very few neutral portals, and that all could destroy a cetrain nuber of reso (at least i hope this)

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    Actually, when he states "everyone" he means: me and my group can't eazy play on Ingress.

  • @Johtaja maybe it is not "unknown server-side problem". Maybe the count is correct, and large numbers of machina portals are seeded and wiped out during those specific times. Then, those spikes reflect generations of similar portals processed in similar way.

    For example, during initial seeding, many red portals did not grow, and eventually decayed in several days, and disappeared. Then, the next machina cycle seeded another portal in that cell. Things like that can produce "generation" waves (think starvation, overpopulation, etc), I highlighted one on the attached picture, the second part is inverted.

    Another explanation - lifecycle rules are changed under the hood.

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