February 2023 Second Sunday

February 2023 Second Sunday

Agents from all over the world in the Second Sunday TG chat group shared their stories and some truly amazing photographs of their missions, medals earned and experiences of the day. There was a sense of adventure, shared goals and celebration, with some agents earning Second Sunday medals this month.

57 agents (27 RES and 30 ENL) within the group entered a friendly competition, uploading stats to the bot created by DhrMekmek. These agents walked 631 km and completed 729 unique missions, earning 16.4M AP and recharging a highly commendable 41.2 million XM. Four agents levelled up.

The enthusiasm for Second Sunday was palpable, with 17 agents completing 12 or more unique missions. Amongst them one agent completed 144 missions, while another accomplished 54 missions.

Agents were keen to explore new places, with 1,746 unique portals captured amongst the overall 3,443 portals captured. Agents were active for their faction: 10,520 resonators were destroyed and 1,747 portals were neutralised, including machina. One agent captured 272K MU!

Weather conditions were not the best for some agents in areas that had been affected by gales, flooding or a cyclone. For others the skies were blue and drier conditions encouraged folk to get out and about for Second Sunday. We are looking forward to next month’s Second Sunday.

Thank you to all the mission creators out there whose contributions are appreciated deeply.

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