Items on the ground cannot be selected, scanner picked all.

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Items on the ground cannot be selected, when touching one they are all picked up. 

It is very frustrating not to be able to share some items or keys with other players, as you can only deliver one item or capsule at a time or they are all picked up by one person even if they did not want to pick something up.

In the attached video I dropped several items and when I touch the screen it starts to pick up everything without confirmation.

Poco X3 Pro

Android 12

 Version 2.109.2

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Agents can disable auto-pickup in your setting as described by dw235 below. Info about the feature can be found at


  • Since version 2.108.1 there is an Auto Confirm Item Pickup option that is activated by default.

    Clicking on an item on the ground picks it, and it also picks every items of a stack.

    It can be deactivated at the bottom of the Settings screen by unchecking it.

  • Oh boy!!!.

    Thanks for the info.

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