Niantic allows nicknames that mock other players that contain local profanity.

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We've posted a lot about this user in the forums before.

However, this has not been resolved, so we are intentionally ignoring this user.

However, this user continues to create nicknames that mock users in both camps.

Recently, an account was created with an onomatopoeia of a Korean swear word+ my nickname, and intentionally tagged me to COMM, which I reported to Niantic.

However, the response from Niantic was that it was not a violation of the community guidelines.

Despite our efforts to explain why the nickname is inappropriate, Niantic continues to explain that it is not a guideline violation.

Does this mean that it's okay for people who play Ingress to create a nickname based on that statement?

Of course, we don't expect everyone at Niantic to know the local language.

However, if you're constantly explaining this to them and they don't think it's a violation of the community guidelines, that's a big problem, isn't it?

Furthermore, the profanity in question contains an adult word in Korea.

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