IFS St. George, Utah - 2/4/2023 – St. George Area Parade of Homes

Here in southern Utah there are two very amazing Ingress agents who are pretty much salt of the Earth, nicest people you'll ever meet kind of people. @Moose1204 and her husband @Jake821.

Unfortunately, @Jake821 has been diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia. LBD is the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimers and it's a pretty devastating disease. On top of the symptoms of dementia, it can also produce hallucinations, and effect motion and mood. @Moose1204 has her hands full as the full-time caregiver for Jake/Rob and her 91-year-old mother who also lives with her, so I am starting up a weekly "make dinner for @Moose1204 and @Jake821" chain. 

Providing a meal they don't have to cook once a week I think would be an amazing thing for us an Ingress community to take on. 

Knowing the distance between the vast majority of our virtual IFS participants and southern Utah means helping in person isn't a possibility. I proposed a way agents all over the world could help. 

I will be taking dinner over to them every Wednesday but honestly won't have time to make a homemade meal every time. As an alternative, I can pick up a pre-made dinner for four (@Moose1204's mom lives with them as well) at Harmons (Local grocery store) for $30 - and add a dessert of a box of Harmon's cookies for another $6. So if you'd like to donate to help defray that cost, you can find me at Venmo = @judburkett / Paypal = @judburkett / Google Pay = [email protected] ...

ALSO!!!! We had an anonymous donor offer to match up to $1,000 of whatever we raised over the weekend for operation dinner for Moose and Jake. The match was to be a donation to the Alzheimers Association of St. George. https://www.alz.org/utah

In total, we raised $768 for operation Moose and Jake, but our donor decide to go ahead and cut a $1,000 check to the Alzheimers Association!

We're glad this weekend's event turned out the way it did and we look forward to providing dinner every week for Moose and Jake!

Also!!! Each month our First Saturdays travel the state of Utah highlighting some of the events that make Utah such an amazing place.

This month, we headed down to sunny St. George for the annual St. George Area Parade of Homes.

The 2023 St. George Area Parade of Homes is no ordinary Parade. It is the largest Parade in the state featuring 30 new homes full of the extraordinary.

This event has a long-standing tradition of displaying a variety of spectacular homes and introducing exciting new trends to attendees across the state. The homes are set among breathtaking landscapes only found in Southern Utah.

Every year, the parade attracted hundreds of thousands of people from around the state to visit southern Utah. Held in February each year, it's often a great excuse for residents of northern Utah, who've been blanketed with snow and cold all winter, to travel south and enjoy the warmer climate of St. George. Located in the very southwestern corner of the state the weather in St. George is much warmer and snow is a rarity here.

Thanks to all who participated!


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