Who has heard of the Omaha Owls?

The Omaha enlightened owls. We are famous for huge ops. Huge MU's, Our anomaly bike teams, and operating and putting together extraction plans and moving global shards to their target. We helped multiple global shards move and score! and basically kicking **** in ingress! I sure miss the good old days but I am thinking about doing a multi-state op. I just need a few people to help. I'm sitting on hundreds of great keys from all over the country.


  • I have not, but intrigued

  • Otrera35Otrera35 ✭✭✭✭

    Are you a field art master? I am looking for one since field art is more creative and challenging.

  • NedSandersonNedSanderson ✭✭
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    I can help you. Where are you located at? We need to switch to a better why to communicate that is more Sucre. I can operate for you and help you set it all up. Of you have a plan or drawing for your art? Is the area active with both factions? Please message me at **** and we can firue out another form of chat. I would be really happy to help you. If this is art, I'm assuming that we can plan it all out and execute it at a later time okay? Looking forward to hear from you

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  • I feel like I heard of you guys back in the day. Just got back into Ingress after taking a few years off, used to be big into fielding and shards with the OKC Enlightened, helped with quite a few giant ops. Definitely interested now that I’m back into it (and now located in Omaha)!

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    @NedSanderson , kindly present a portfolio of completed field artworks and legitimate references. Best regards.

  • Check my V profile. I'm a serious operator. I'll be happy to help you but I'm not going to fill out a resume. Lol I mean if you seriously want some help I can show you some stuff. I have opps I've ran on YouTube, i operated for anomalies, I've helped score global shards on the ground and on the computer my local teams done artwork. Like I said before, I mainly played for him. Use for the green team, but since I'm most retired I'd be more than happy to help with artwork. Go green team.

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    I do not use Discord, Telegram, etc., due to past negative experiences. I am not sure about the procedure on how to look into your V profile. Thank you so much for your help, but I believe our team can manage. We were able to carry out our ops without being a burden to the DFW ENLs. Most of them are probably retired like you as well and just prefer decoding puzzles. If the ENLs need our assistance, just let us know and we can help. Anyway, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. It has always been the motto of the Green Lions.

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