Missing NL-1331 badge/uptick for Springfield, IL 5/18/2019

Several agents that attended this event are still missing their NL-1331 badge/uptick. My understanding is some have submitted tickets to Niantic concerning this. Is anyone actually looking at this? Should I bother submitting a ticket for myself?


  • vke123vke123 ✭✭✭

    additional question. where/how to raise the ticket?some anomely amsterdam badges are still missing

  • NamlhatNamlhat ✭✭✭

    You can go through Niantic Support and use the chat bot.

  • NamlhatNamlhat ✭✭✭

    Tomorrow will be 2 months post-event and more than 20 agents from both factions have yet to receive credit for their NL-1331 visit. I might get this achievement awarded posthumously at this rate.

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