new resistance agent/Pokémon go dosen't have to fight ingress

hey everyone Ursa here finally trying out ingress for the first time I might need help from my fellow smurfs to claim xm portals but whatever oh if I mention Anything about another game, I play on my laptop aka my intel map called Star Trek Online don't even ask I might go overboard about it on comms but eh potato patato all i ask is that the ingress and Pokémon go communities no longer fight and embrace our differences ingress is about sharing strategies and embracing differences not being Wery of trainers using portals at level 10 to make new pokestops and Pokémon gyms we don't have to fight trainers and agents deserve to be under the great light of Niantic though I may be a Pokémon trainer I ask you all if you would be Werry of me then would you be Werry of team go rocket if they hacked one of your portals and made it black and red if you said yes to that but no to not being Werry of me then I rest my case


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    Because, Niantic. And a great deal of toxicity.

    I can't say more due to these forums needing language to be G rated

  • thanks for understanding Grogyan I just don't want to get targeted due to my status as a Pokémon go trainer by other agents I have very fragile feelings you know and when I get upset it clouds my judgement you know I just want to make Ingress fun and exciting for all agents no matter of background no matter what and as for you MoogModular yes I am a Pokémon go trainer as well as an Alliance captain in Star Trek Online but I don't want to turn portals into PokeStops and Pokémon Gyms for my fellow trainers I just want to try another Niantic game because unlike those types of trainers who invade the Ingress community for new pokestops and Pokémon gyms I am not like them I as a non PokeStop and Pokémon gym hunting agent/trainer/alliance captain just want to explore and try out ingress heck I might make it to level 30 or heck maybe level 50 and might be able to encounter you and Grogyan during a IRL Ingress event who knows maybe Niantic might have a First Saturday event up in little elm who knows maybe I can even convince you to try out Star Trek Online for yourself but for now if i need help with anything Ingress or School Related I'll give a shout on Ingress Prime's comms feature

  • I'm different then them

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    Sorry, but I have no idea what you are trying to say.

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    @BHSUrsarus Many Ingress players also play PoGo, at least casually. While there may be the occasional rude person out there we don't generally target anyone for anything unless their behavior is egregious, such as rude behavior or cheating. Just play the game, learn more about it, get in touch with your local Ingress community if there is one, and enjoy the game.

    Having said that, I'll add two things. The first is that Ingress players tend to get testy when people complain that it isn't more like PoGo. The games are very different in many ways, and those differences are what makes Ingress uniquely interesting. Second, it would be easier for us to understand what you're saying if you would break your text into sentences and paragraphs.

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    After reading Hosette's post, I somehow understand what you are trying to say a bit.

    I know that some Pokémon GO trainers say that Ingress agents attack them, but mainly because Pokémon GO trainers play Ingress without following the rules.

    And most of the time they are not attacking you but asking you to play by the rules.

    None of us would be attacking you if you were playing by the Ingress rules set forth by Niantic.

    The rules are quite simple.

    No spoofing.

    No multi-accounting

    No account sharing

    That's it.

    Conversely, if you do not abide by these rules, you will be rejected if you offer to join the local Ingress community or join a team in Anomaly.

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    And what might work as a PokeStop can be inappropriate as an Ingress portal.

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    Try to go out of the box by playing other non-Niantic games like Kirby. No toxicity included :)

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    I gave up trying to read what the OP posted. Punctuation please.

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