What would you do if you were a machine?

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Let's discuss this topic. Let's say you need to capture this world, or as much as possible to harm the agents of both factions. What would you do if you were in the place of the red faction? What strategy would you follow to be most effective?

I will express my opinion. If I were in the place of the red faction, I would capture distant portals and then spread from them to different settlements. I would not stagnate capturing individual islands of the portal network, as the machine is doing now. And I would connect the clusters into a single portal network - as in my picture.

At the moment, it's not clear to me yet, why start your invasion in a park or other crowded place, if there can be agents in this place who can easily demolish the first few portals?

I also do not understand why the machine does not create backups away from the original portal in order to secure the cluster from complete destruction? Let me give you an example from my city.

This cluster is a week old. behind the scenes there are several more level 1 portals, but no more than 5 pieces, which can be reached in 5-7 minutes. So, instead of developing one portal to the highest possible level in order to protect the invasion by placing the most remote portals, the machine is marking time in one place. Let's say an agent came to the park and demolished all the portals in 10 minutes, is this effective? No. And forgive me, but our agents are forced to make sure that the cluster grows, regularly cutting it like a gardener cuts a tree. And if we had an active player, then he could destroy every cluster within the city from the moment the first portal appeared. So alas, if I were a machine, I would launch an invasion from a far place.

Like this.

What strategy would you choose if you were the red faction?

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