This isnt a PVP & I am an artists/abuser, not an agent, level up & medals are useless to me.

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Hello everyone, all are welcome to read & answer.

According to me...This isnt a player vs player game. This is a single/abusive/weird game inside a multiplayer game. I dont have the right words for this game, sorry about that.

This isnt PVP.....

Do correct me if I am wrong with these calculations or if I misunderstood something.

Destroying enemy Resonators gives 75 AP, but deploying gives 125 AP (Forget about the bonus AP for deploying, it just make it more unbalance or add it if you like, I dont care.)

Destroying enemy link gives 187 AP, but creating a link gives 313 AP.

Destroying enemy field gives 750, but creating a field gives 1250 AP.

So I am getting less rewarded for taking down the enemy portals, but better rewarded for capturing neutral portals & creating links & fields? 

<--- This it self doesnt offer PVP, why are we being called Agents, doesnt make sense to me. 

Artist is the right title, according to me.

Layering Of Fields is a good example of why we should be called Artists & not Agents, this indirectly removes the pvp. If layering of fields was not allowed, agents were forced to expand territorial & with a chance of a collisions. Player vs Player.

Why is medals & level up useless for me?

According to

"Mind Units (MUs) are the primary scoring metric of Ingress"

So as an Agent, my primary goal is NOT to level up & earn medals, but to earn Mind Units for my team & I dont need to level up nor do I need the medals to earn Mind Units.

I do have a question which I couldnt find online.

I create the same size field as level 7 & I get XXX Mind Units.

I create the same size field again as level 14, will the Mind Units reward be better or same as level 7?

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  • Mind units represent the population under a given fields' influence. Your own level does not influence this value. If you remake those fields at a higher player level, you will still gain the same MU value.

  • Also, the PvP aspect centers around control fields. Your team goal is to build fields to "control" the minds under it. And to prevent the other faction from doing the same.

    It's more a strategy game than PvP in the traditional sense. You outplay the other faction by blocking their attempts to field. You take down their existing fields and you put up your own.

  • What you explained, for me, that sounds more like PVP play. Strategically denying the enemy to expand territorial.

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    @IPHacker Exactly! Ingress is fundamentally about territory control, whether it's capturing portals, destroying portals, creating control fields, or destroying them. AP and stats are metrics for what you've done in the game, not the primary goal.

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    I like getting ap and completing the badges. Scoring makes no difference to me. There is no advantage to "winning". Working on my seventh recursion now and then I'll start over and do an eighth run. Being on the underdog team gives me a huge advantage in getting ap. Leveling up to 16 is so much easier now than when they first released higher levels. It seems you get ap for everything anymore. The moral of the story is there is no right way to play. Find what you like and ignore the rest.

  • Dont take anything personally, I am not targeting you, we are just having a conversation & I am trying to understand the game it self, it has a good concept (Not the best) but many things are not logical to me & I also abused the game, because the game offers it, so I took advantage of it.

    That´s very good. While you are walking/driving around, having fun & playing to gain AP and Medals. Other Agents are spending money on gas & driving around to creating large fields to contribute Mind Units to their "team", while we are abusing the situation & playing single player game in a multiplayer game.

    Driving Ingress players who plays to contribute Mind Units sounds extreme loyal to me, I dont know how to thank them, while you are concentrated on AP & Medals.

    Even I can be more loyal as a low level by ignoring the AP & Medals & start creating fields.

    I understand your situation & respect your gameplay, it isnt your fault, the game was build this way.

    That is why I wrote the title.

    "This isnt a PVP & I am an artist/abuser, not an agent. Level up & medals are useless to me."

    Because medals & AP is useless to me, if I choose to be loyal to my team.

  • Absolutely, primary goal is the Mind Units for the team, not the AP, Medals & level up.

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    @IPHacker But there's no "wrong" way to play as long as you are following the rules. That's one of the great things about the game... it's a blank canvas.

    The person who just maintains their neighborhood while they walk their dog? Totally legit. The person who just enjoys farming gear like a fiend and feeding it to teammates? Legit. The person who just loves grin... maximizing AP and badges? Legit. The person who loves going to difficult locations to capture durables and farm keys for fields? Legit. The person who plans and organizes big fields? Legit. The person who has a million keys and loves creating crazy chaotic links? Legit but occasionally frustrating. The person who explores by doing missions or seeking out uniques? Legit.

    The "goal" of the game is capturing portals and MU, but it's really a choose-your-own-adventure game where you get to play it in whatever way is most interesting to you.

  • I never said that there is a wrong way to play.

    I said "Absolutely, primary goal is the Mind Units for the team, not the AP, Medals & level up."

    The primary goal is Mind Units, however, I dont have any issues with how agents are playing their game. They can play what ever way they want.

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    Earnt medals are required to level up, which enables you to attack/defend more, which furthers the ability to complete game goal of area control.

  • I understand what you are saying, but I dont think you understood what I said before.

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    Also the AP difference is because destroying is a lot easier to do.

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    Destroying portals is usually faster vs building try yourself and you will see that building takes far more time so its a good balance how much ap u get for build vs destroy. Dont focus so much on numbers then the game doesnt feel fun instead do what u feel is fun and stay motivated and seek help from local teammates is where the game start be fun.

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    Yes you get more AP for building than for destroying, and I think that's entirely fair given the work involved in building something.

    But you know what happens then? Once you've destroyed it you get a blank canvas for building on, so you can get even more AP when you do that.

  • It might be easier to destroy then capturing, that I can agree, but you should be more rewarded for being more loyal to your team by destroying your enemy & less rewarding for capturing, otherwise I dont have to destroy the enemies portals, I can abuse the situation by capturing neutral portals.

    The way it is now for me, doesnt make sense.

  • I dont deny that destroying is faster then capturing.

    I have a question for you.

    If you destroy the enemy portal, would you leave it neutral?

  • I understand what you are saying, BUT...

    I dont need neither medals nor level up to show my loyalty to my team, because the primary goal is Mind Units & creating same size a field as level 7 or 14 doesnt increase the Mind Unit reward.

    For me Medals & level up is useless.

    That is why I wrote that in the title.

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    sometimes depends on my mood and i have tons of ap so its not really relevant to me anymore

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    There are more aspects than just your own fielding in this game which is what makes it PvP for sure. 

    Loyalty to your team is also full deploying and shielding portals which will enable other agents on your team to link to the portal whether you have planned it or not. By prepping a portal you're helping team mates to make links and fields and score MUs.

    Loyalty can also be smashing the enemy portals including links and fields which will clear the map for links and fields (yes for both factions) but it will also have an impact on the Mind Unit score of the opposite team by reducing their score if you manage to take down fields, which can put your team in the lead on the Mind unit score table. The opposite team's loss can be your team's gain. You are hopefully aware that you can find the (almost) real time Mind unit scores under Scores behind the main menu.

  • I absolutely 100% agree with you, I dont deny that.

    I still fine level up & medals useless to me.

  • I´ll take that as a yes, you leave the portal neutral.

    Then yes, destroying is probably faster then capturing.


    Destroying the enemy portal + capturing, takes more time, then just capturing a neutral portal.

    That still doesnt make sense to me, why destroying gives less AP then Capturing.

    If the destroying was more rewardable then capturing. That would create more pvp according to me, you still need to capture afterwards to reach your primary goal which is Mind Units.

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    Because destroying portals/fields is a mindless task of mashing buttons. Fully deploying, linking, fielding takes some brain power. Layered fields or AP generator takes a bit more brain power.


    If I micro field one of my main go to locations for when I was working for wings for Mind Controller (80,000 total fields). It would take me 1-3 hours to full deploy, key hack, field the area. Takes the other faction 15 minutes max of mashing the fire button to remove it. The area usually gave me about 300,000 to 350,000 AP to fully deploy, glyph, link & field. Those destroying it, in much less time, got much less AP, for much less effort. I'm unsure how much AP they would get from it. Because their faction hasn't built the area in a very long time.

  • Exactly, the enemy is getting less AP for the confrontation, but you captured neutral portals & created links, fields & it took time...absolutely, but you did contribute Mind Units which is the primary goal. Thats a well done job. Agent to Agent, you got my respect.

    The enemy has to destroy & start capturing which becomes a longer process, because they have to destroy & then capture to reach the same amount Mind Units as you did (more or less).

    If the AP was higher on attacking & less on capturing. I personally would target enemy portals, to hit the enemy back & conquer the area. Doesnt matter if the AP is lower on capturing. I still need to contribute to my team by contributing Mind Units which is the primary goal.

    I mean I have to be loyal & contribute to my team otherwise I am not a teamplayer in a multiplayer game. If you compare the respect between us, I could say with certain that YOU would get a lot more respect & praise from other agents, due to your excellent work.

    So the way the reward is now, doesnt make sense to me.

    I do have a question for you.

    Would you have attacked the enemy if they had fields in that area where you created the layering of fields or would you avoid it & moved on to an area where only neutral portals are visible?

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    If the AP for attacking was lower, far less stuff would be built. Agents tend to try to deny the other faction of stuff. it's generally how the game has always worked. AP should always be higher for building vs destroying.

    It all depends what I'm in the mood for and what my inventory is currently setup for. A ton of xmps and something to destroy, then I'd destroy. If I'm planning on just building micro fields (lots of tiny little triangles work like 1 mu each) then I'm just gonna go where I either have keys for, or grey, because it's "faster" based on my inventory setup.

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    No it means usually i cap but if i drift away with gps and dont want go back 10-20m i leave it as neutral otherwise i wouldnt have almost 100.000 captured portals.

  • I still dont agree & doesnt make sense to me.

    I dont care about your mood, I dont care about your plannings nor what you got in your inventory.

    You still havent answered my question.

    "Would you have attacked the enemy if they had fields in that area where you created the layering of fields or would you avoid it & moved on to an area where only neutral portals are visible?"

    This is a yes or no questions.

    Yes I would have attacked


    No I would move on.

  • Alright, you dont capture all of the portals due to the GPS...I get that.

    That doesnt change this

    "Destroying the enemy portal + capturing, takes more time, then just capturing a neutral portal."

    Because you are capturing after an attack... If the GPS doesnt mail function or what ever it is.

    This is simple calculation

    Destruction (With possibility of enemy to "Charge all") + capturing

    Neutral portal ( No action is needed ) + capturing

    It still doesnt make sense why the attack reward is lower then the capturing reward.

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    i think u spend too much time on numbers and calculate things that doesnt sound fun at all go out and play instead reach out your local community. the game is what u make it if u decided its boring it will be boring. attack is lower because it takes less effort to tear down portals vs build up a cluster of portals and field them together and thats a fact

  • I have to make those calculations because it sounds unbalanced & unlogical to me & supports the title "This isnt a PVP..."

    Start from scratch.

    We have 2 worlds with 3 portals each. 

    Same size & distances between those portals.

    One world for you & one world for me.

    In your world, those 3 portals has been captured by the enemy & fully develop, linked & field up running. 

    You have to destroy & then recapture. So you destroy & recapture & you reach your primary goal which is Mind Units.

    In my world I only have neutral portals. I capture & I have reached my primary goal which is Mind Units.

    Time based...I win.

    AP win.

    Reaching the primary goal (Mind Units)...we both win.

    This is where I find this unlogical. You have been in confrontation with the enemy, & for destroying you get so little AP for the destruction of the enemy portals compared to what I got for capturing.

    The game it self tells me, dont go after the enemy, go after neutral portals, the reward is much better & contributes to primary goal (Mind Units) & I dont need nor medals/badges, AP, not even level up to reach my primary goal which is Mind Units.

    The only important thing for reaching the primary goal is the time. I save time by targeting neutral portals instead of targeting the enemies portal & then recapturing. 

    That´s why I wrote the title the way I did.

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