Camp Navarro portal removed due to ignorance of Wayfarer team

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@NianticBrian @NianticThia and @ace

I appeal this urgently.

The following was recently posted on the Wayfarer forum.

'There is a mysterious Pokestop in Antarctica.'

Many insightful Wayfinders who saw it wrote: "That is the portal used for the event we held at Camp Navarro. After the event, it was legally moved to Antarctica where it is least accessible by the Ingress team" in response.

Similarly, some wayspots have been moved to Antarctica for various reasons.

The most recent example is Ito-En's XM-Profiler.

However, the Wayfarer team, completely ignorant of Niantic's history, suddenly removed the Camp Navarro portal.

The only correct solution this time was to copy these wayspots from the Lightship database managed by the Wayfarer team to another location database managed by the Ingress team. After making sure that all portal keys, etc., were preserved, copy them to the Lightship This method is to remove them from the database.

But that method was not taken.

I don't participate in Camp Navarro.

However, I know Ingress agents who attended Camp Navarro, kept this portal key and were looking forward to Camp Navarro being held again.

And there has been a significant decline in the quality of the Ingress portal network over the past few years.

It can be said that our game is teetering on the brink.

Ingress cannot be a game without a high-quality portal network.

We are motivated to go to great places because of high-quality portal networks.

However, the current situation is terrible.

The message board is like a game of neurasthenia that is completely indistinguishable from the others, the chain stores of Niantic's sponsored rivals, the mere road signs, rocks, etc. None of these things make our visit worthwhile.

But the Wayfarer team is trying to destroy everything, starting with last year's heavy-handed import of the Foursquare database.

I don't like Ingress being destroyed by the Wayfarer team.

The Ingress team should forcefully protest the Wayfarer team for this outrage.

And I hope they will show the utmost sincerity to the participants of Camp Navarro who have been harmed this time.



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    This incident makes me keenly aware of the need to separate the location database from certain games that catch fictional creatures.

    Unlike their games to us, a low-quality portal network is a fatal blow to gameplay.

    It would be better to stop location syncing as in NBA and Pikmin.

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    It is thought that many of your associates, including yourself, are victims of this incident.

    Therefore, please contact your community and voice your protest to the Wayfarer forum, including making sure that you do not move your capsules or key lockers if you have them in your lockers.

    I am an outsider myself, although I was the first to notice it as I was browsing the Wayfarer forum.

    Therefore, the voices of those involved are important.

  • tp235tp235 ✭✭✭✭

    Now is not the time for us to hear Cool English Jokes.

    Please wait until after this issue is finished.

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    They should of been like the old portal gem. Where it basically can't be deleted.

  • This is not a problem for Niantic, check the forum logs and which game accounts are running on the same device.

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    Look, we can be downers about everything that happens because it's Niantic but Ethan has deleted the NL 1331 van portal in the past and Niantic got keys restored within the same weekend.

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