I have some problems with Anti-game fairplay.

Hi agents, i have a question.

  • I have some problem with a group of some "rebellious" players.
  • My question for the community is: If you encounter players that use multiples bags, use multiple accounts, and most important, they come to Delete a lot a portals that still exists.
  • I come to rebuild some portals, but takes a lot a time for the avaliation, and they're still being excluded, like five per visit.
  • --I dont want to need to rebuild the same portals every day. it takes a lot time.

I know that maybe here is not the place for this discussion, so what i do, and where in the support page i go with this conplains?

But i gonna try anyway, Thanks for your time.



  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    On the support page, there should be a chat icon bottom right or top right.

    Type "Skip" to get started and follow the prompts

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    you know aswell reporting agents for double accounts nothing happens as its hard to see even for niantic if someone has multiple accounts

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's rare, but it does actually happen.

  • ShadusShadus ✭✭

    I know it used to happen more frequently (multi-accounting bans), but it seems like lately niantic is so busy dealing with what they view as "more significant" issues (and I don't disagree - spoofing is far more serious, it ends ingress being a playable game vs "just" being cheating via multi-accounts, backpacks, sharing accounts, and win-trading to flip their home portals to 8.)

    Hell, we've got a total of 6-7 real people (primary accounts on both teams) running close to 30 accounts on <10 devices, and it's been reported by *both teams*, escalated in every way possible we know how, and when you run into the one guy in real life he brags about "it doesn't f*ing matter, niantic doesn't care, and you can't make me stop." Paraphrase of that has been told to at least 3 different people now. Been going on for over a year now and reported at least weekly and escalated multiple times.

    Sadly, this all started with 1 person multiplaying (4 accounts, 2 res, 2 enl) who was reported and ignored multiple times... now it's spread to both teams as a "gameplay tip" because they don't see it as a "risk" anymore, and can justify it as "well the other team does it so should I". Niantic needs to do a multiaccounter ban wave again badly... and find a better preventative solution long term. It doesn't drive people from the game as fast as spoofing, but it destroys the local communities incentives to network and help each other... and that's just choosing **** by a thousand cuts, because community is what drives the game and keeps people playing.

    Love the community, the game is good, but in the eyes of players niantic taking no action long term is tacit approval or at least not caring anymore.

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