Medal for submitting cheater reports and Niantic not doing anything

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I am proposing to add a new medal which will award players for submitting cheater reports and Niantic not doing anything useful and the cheaters continuing to cheat afterward. The medal can be called "Fighter for fair play". This will act as a reimbursement for time the player wasted on gathering the relevant information and submitting the report. This will also point out Niantic's failure in banning the cheaters and nudge them in the direction of doing better in the future.

The logic can work as follows:

  1. Player reports a cheater using the report abuse / cheating process.
  2. Niantic closes the report claiming that they have carefully reviewed the report and have taken action where appropriate.
  3. X days after the report was closed the cheater continues to cheat. X can be time allotted to queue up the cheater to be banned and eventually process the ban.
  4. The player gets +1 to the medal counter if the cheater continues to cheat.
  5. [Optional] Once the player reaches the Onyx tier of the medal, automatically ban all cheater accounts the played had submitted.

To Niantic: After you've read this, put yourself in a player's shoes who keeps trying to eliminate cheating in their area, and read this again. Makes sense?

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