Advertising Trading Post link to install Campfire app that can't be used

These last few days I have used Trading Post to send some cards to participants from a local competition as a prize.

I was excited to see that there is an advertisement for Campfire, first it talked about a leaderboard and now it says something about "win the card of the week".

However following the link, takes me to Google Playstore to download the Campfire app, Wich everybody knows by now it's unusable for ingress players, because we need to access Campfire through the Ingress scanner.

As far as I know, Trading Post for now is for Ingress agents, not Pokemon Go trainers, so why do you want us to download and app we can't use?

Please fix the link so it opens through Ingress scanner, or at least explain an alternative way to access the info being advertised.

Or give access to Ingress agents to Campfire through the standalone app.

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