[Suggestion] Change the Drone "burnout" message to indicate that the drone needs to be moved

With update 2.108.1, the messages for the cooldown and burnout of a portal were changed so that they now show the exact time until a portal is reset.

Before, the message simply stated that "it may take a significant time" which was shared for both in-person and Drone hacks. After the update, hacking a portal via the Drone and trying to hack again still shows the same message.

To avoid confusion and to aid newer players that might not know, I'd propose to change the message for a Drone Burnout to something like this:

Portal burned out. You will need to move your Drone to hack again.

Should you choose to use the message above, the German translation would be this:

Portal ausgebrannt. Bewege deine Drohne um erneut zu hacken.

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