Difficulties completing certain missions

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I admit that I made this attempted Mission more difficult since I reported 2 nearby Portals at a preschool.

I know the first step in the mission and completed that once. Little Rock is in Pulaski County. Imagine Pulaski County being inside a field. Assuming that is the situation, how do I complete the first task besides waiting for a Control Field to fall. I will not create a second account and break Terms of Service just to destroy a Control Field. Joining both Factions likely would break Terms of Service.

Since I completed the first step some time ago and Little Rock has grown to the west, what I believe was the second step is difficult to know or do if where I guess. To the west on Saint Charles Blvd is a neighborhood park (only). A sign in the parking lot states that. I guess the second location is in the park that I should not enter even on foot. I don’t drive so walking is the normal method to commute.

I did search while with my friend that drives at that and another area nearby unsuccessfully to complete the second step.

Besides waiting for no Control Field to be present, what do you suggest I do when one is present? I know I must find the Portals after completing steps. However, does this mission go generally west? I do not like asking this but will. What is the second Portal in this mission? I know Igress Intel Map. I know this is not exactly Mission Day. However, that is the closest that I find below besides Ingress. Oh, I joined Resistance. That might or might not be applicable.

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    1 you can link under fields,

    2 do the mission and find out, it's a mystery for a reason....

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    We are fellow agents. We don't know anything about that mission except what you said here. But I can think of three things you can possibly do:

    • If it's a friendly field, you can throw a link from an anchor to the destination portal. (Throwing the link to complete a field must be done from the portal with that requirement in the mission.)
    • You can link under a field, up to 500 meters. Sometimes Niantic has a special event that allows 8k links under fields. but that's rare.
    • You can send a Comm message to SnowRidge asking them to amend the mission. Like, waypoints that need link/field could be in a place with lots of portals within 500m.

    So one person did that mission in an hour (probably SnowRidge). You're taking days? Weeks? Your time will average with the hour and be hysterical.

  • @MargariteDVille, I’m aware of the ability to link under a field and do when able. However, causing 2 Portals to be removed made that much more difficult. The church has 2 Portals. However, the nearest Portal is 0.6 miles to the north. I know that is more than 500 meters.

    I will not leave during an Ice Storm Warning. No field exists at the moment. I can guess why.

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