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My inventory count is werid. Hacking and firing adds and removes as it should but anything added or removed to or from a capsule doesn't change the inventory count.

Following the update on Monday when my quantum capsule was changed to just a capsule I was delivered 2 new capsules, I filled these with a 100 items each but my inventory count didn't change.

Ive just manually counted my items I have 1834 items + 12 keys (1846 total). But the scanner tells me I have 2438 + 12 keys (2450)

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  • I tried it attach a screenshot but I can't as I'm new (I'm on OG player from back in 2013)

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    Items in rare capsules (and quantum before) are still counting for the inventory limit.

    Keys in keylockers don't count (so you can have 600 more inventory space for keys minus the 1 space each used by the keylockers).

    Items put in kinetics are removed from inventory and once transformed, don't count while not removed from the caps (but a finished kinetic still count for the 7 kinetics running limit).

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