App wont launch from NOTIFICACTION / Sound / Vibration brocken.

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Android OS 13

Pixel 7 Pro

Ingress v2.108.1

app won't launch from the notification, random vibration (setting set to off) sounds up and down

app setting sounds are off.

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  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    App wasnt launching from notificaton both on Moto One Power on custom A13 and Redmi 9 on custom A11. From the other side notification can open Ingress on Moto One Power with stock A10(unfortunately broken for now) and Redmi 9A with gsi Android 10(also with +1gb swap,because 2gb seem to close Ingress even if i check TG messages and swipe back via gestures).

    So notification seems to be bugged on Android 13 and maybe 11(will have a look soon).

    Haven't faced vibration issues at all(even on A13),but have faced that rare "sound on" bug. Oh and "unable to load account data",seems that one is connected to RAM,6 gb faced almost no issues,4 and less do that almost with 50% chance.

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