Retiring Quantum Capsules taking people with Disabilities out of the game!

I've been generally quiet while still supporting the game as a beta tester from week 1. However now, the end of the game may be here for me. As someone with 100% Disability per Americans With Disabilities Act and Social Security Disability guidelines.

The ONLY way I could stay competitive in the game was very diligently working Quantum capsules to grow higher level inventory and most specifically Bursters and Cubes.

With 28 pieces of metal and 5 cadaver bones in my spine, I cannot walk 8km with ANY predictability. I can be laid-up in bed for 1-4 days with an extreme barometric or temperature weather change. The bone and metal **** on nerves creates a sensation that might best be described as: "Imagine someone reaching under your skull and grabbing your brainstem and squeezing HARD."

In the earliest days of Ingress, the leadership team including Mr. Rose, "Joe Philly" and others took suggestions seriously. However it feels for the last 4-5 years, it's been anything but that. The evolution of the game has been near dead-end. Or as I describe "Lather, rinse and repeat." so that anyone who's achieved level 10 or higher has anything new or little incentive to accomplish. In the early years of the game, the socialization and get togethers organized by players was strong, frequent and fun. After the first Ingress Anomaly Event in Milwaukee was a total flop with servers down half of the day and hundreds of people infuriated for having wasted time and money to participate... MANY of the original players just quit. I still played on a part-time basis and would guide or help newcomers to level-up. However, the next step in the evolution was doing away with the original version and forcing everyone onto Ingress Prime. After a short while, we were given the ability to turn-off many of the "Features for 10yr olds" that wanted to see amusing animations and hear annoying sound effects... this caused even more people to quit and very candidly, more than a couple players had car accidents because of the complexity to maneuver screens that were just "fluff" on the front end.

But now... Niantic, you may have just killed the game for some of the people that it meant the most to, and some who gave you more than any others.

This game is certainly not important enough for me to take it to the American with Disabilities Act people, but you most certainly have taken the ability for some players to maintain sufficient inventory to participate and I'm sure many of them are disabled/handicapped children who rightfully should be very upset.

My suggestion would be to make this a temporary change, reverse the decision and find some way to compensate the players that are most hurt by it.

Then tell me HOW I can walk 8km to mature cubes... attached is a small picture of my neck, my lumbar is much the same.

Thank you for your consideration,


aka MajorInstigator

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