Has Dark XM affected our scanners?

Tuesday 23 January 2023

19h00 UTC+2

My Scanner malfunctioned, it seemed it was unable to establish lock-on.

19h30 UTC+2

Finally, my scanner acquired my position. I attempted to hack a portal - Hacking unsuccessful, XM overload. How could this be? I certainly didn't have such high volumes of XM artefacts in my inventory. I started looking through my inventory, I noticed that all of my quantum capsules had been replaced by ordinary capsules, and I was carrying multitudes more ordinary and kinetic capsules than before. When Running new kinetic programs, I noticed that the program distance had changed from 8 km to 4km.

I had no idea what was going on. Had Dark XM spread from the portal network? Is it possible it was somehow infecting the scanner too?

I'm concerned that this may be just the tip of the iceberg.

First we noticed portals that were under control of something we only know as "Machina" with an "Unknown" name. Now this has happened. What happens if this thing can infect other XM artefacts, like agent drones? Or XMP bursters? This thing doesn't respond to agents who try to make contact with it. And seems it can capture neutral portals completely undetected. This behaviour is all very strange.



  • Are you talking about Tuesday 24 January? The scanner malfunction on this day was due to the conversion of quantum capsules to standard capsules + the same amount of kinetic capsules for all agents.

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