New Kinetic capsule program proposal

I didn't found a post about this subject yet:

Share with us via the Ingress Community Forum any new Kinetic Programs or Kinetic Capsule features that you would like to see.

Here is a bunch of proposals:

  • Same program than making 8 x l8 resonators out of 40 x l4+ resonators, but for bursters
  • The same for l8 ultra striks, but maybe only 1 l8 US out of 5 l4+ US (they are much more rare to hack)
  • A program that multiply a key x 5, out of 1 key and 10 x l4+ cubes (same amount than for hyper cube program to get a balance with rare Kinetic capsule hack rate)


  • d4rkSkY3rd4rkSkY3r ✭✭
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    Sorry for empty comment, I'm looking for delete button... 😰

  • I just lost my quantum’s to kinectic capsules. I think this is horrible because it added to strategic ways to grow keys and they should add a kinectic key duplication!!! Also Niantic needs to turn off the cap on how many kinectic capsules run at a time! Or at the very least increase the number that can run because we want to get rid of these new capsules that replaced our quantum’s asap!!!! Also need to sort Kinectics by fewest uses left so they stop cluttering up our inventory!!!!! We want to use them and lose them!

  • I will see the duplication of keys as the most important function. However, I wouldn't suggest using Powercubes but rather Resos or something like that, things you've had enough of anyway

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭
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    that's far too many keys too easy. that would make easily 30-40+ keys / day

    it shouldn't be that given.

    at least 1 key + 1 virus -> 2 keys

  • About the key multiplication, if you parallelise the common + 6 rare kinetic, of course it will make a lot and you'll be able to linkstar any portal. But rare kinetic capsule don't loot a lot and no code provides them for now. My quamtum converted ones are over now.

    I'd like another program: convert a lot of dummy resonators that I recycle into power-cube. No XM gain against recycling but lot of room.

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