Why only pay by credit card for ingress events?

In Europe not many have credit cards. Can more payment methods be launched so we can buy supporter packs and swag.


  • What? You are aware that the 80% of the people at least have a card?

  • AngelEyes, what other payment options were you hoping for?

  • Hello, i'm a French player.

    People under 18 yo don't have credit cards, I can understand that it can be annoying for teenager.

    Maybe you can ask someone to exchange you a product if you haven't a CC

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    Paypal would be an option.

    In Germany credit cards are not so common as in other regions. Main reason is, that we have so called "Girocards" which is the main electronic payment method (they are directly coupled with our bank accounts). According to 2017 statistics, only about 30% of all Germans own a credit card and it is used for only 1.5% of all point-of-sales payments. I use my credit card only in foreign countries and for online-shopping, but not everybody is willing to pay monthly fees for a card they just use from time to time.

    PS: Had to remove links to sources for my numbers because I'm not qualified yet to post any links here.. :(

  • In New Zealand there are credit cards and there are debit cards. You can use either kind for buying things online globally As debit cards are in partnership with credit card companies.

  • That's a bit of a German issue - but it would be cool if this could be accommodated by admitting paypal. I have seen agents who had to negotiate with someone else to help them pay for events - and then pay them back via paypal... that should not quite be necessary in my opinion.

    So. yes. paypal would help...


    I have no problem using debit card inhave for my bank account....

  • I've never personally had a problem with the credit card system. Although I'd like to see maybe paypal or something as an alternative.

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    Honestly, even as a german, arguably the last country where most people only believe in cash, i don't get the point in not having or wanting a credit card. Almost every bank offers them for free these days. If your bank doesn't, just open a new account or get a prepaid card.

  • What are your idea's? What type of payment works for you?

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    I feel like PayPal or similar would be an pretty nice option for most people who don't own a credit card.

  • I'd love to see paypal while I'm ok using my card with places I can trust I'd still rather have the security of paypal.

  • Seconding this. Paypal or at least something that isn't a CC.

    Also, the same card that's been used for events in years is now being declined for Myriad events, I guess time to stop supporting NIA with money and just get on-site medal.

  • Do you have actual numbers on this? Creditcards are not that normalized here in the Netherlands.

    There's a significant demand for alternative payment methods.

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    Since event registration seems to be exclusively done on phones now Google Pay and Apple Pay would make sense and save a lot of data entry as well.

  • In most of Europe, credit cards are mainly held by businessmen and not by the majority of the general public. Europeans do not live on the never-never. There should be various alternative options for paying, not only for anomaly tickets, but also for swag, such as pay pal and a European bank account you can pay into with iDeal.

  • I used Google Play cards to buy Items from the Ingress Store. Can that also be a suitable option than a Credit Card?

  • Sorry to revive this thread but card payments can be done via Debit.Debit is like a card that you are able to pay for things online but the funds are not done on credit but taken from your bank account, so if you deposit 100€/$ you can only spend that much

    Search for banks near to you and I'm sure there are some that offer debit card for free as long as you have an account with that bank and then all you do is deposit the funds and spend away on sites where Visa/Mastercards are accepted.

    I'm also from Europe and did my research. :P

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    There are people who cannot get credit cards.

    So a method if attaining free CXM, and use that as currency for events?

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    The app stores charge a 30% commission; credit cards charge between 2 and 5%.

  • in China we use zhifubao(支付宝)...an app to pay for

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