Quantum capsule

I get wanting people to be more active and quantum caps do not encourage that but could we have gotten a key duplication recipe for kinetic capsules before taking that ability away in quantums


  • It is just example of Titanic-Niantic punishing their customer base before a token gesture reward is offered, if it ever comes to light.

  • As a Lvl 8 player who is still a bit new to the game an trying to survive irl which is hard enough with inflation and gas prices **** through the roof this was by far the dumbest thing do they could do.

    As a low level new player lvl 8 anything portals, busters, resonators, and keys are so hard to come by. They are like water to a poor man walking through a desert. I have to hold on to any stocks I had and use them sparingly cuz being so isolated irl I’ll never get them back.

    Now I am still well low lvl but I have noticed that most of us players don’t move around often enough to justify this change in the system. Some do cuz work allows them to but most of us can’t do that we have our areas we monitor an protect and that’s it. I personally can’t afford to do that and there was no one else around to help me. In my opinion this forced upon us decision will do one of two things.

    One, this is thorn the foot of all ingress players that will only succeed in making people not want to move as far out from where we live in the future. Less moving means less fighting over portals equals boring game. Lol they will probably have more events like the one currently going on where the computer forces take over the portals closest to you based on their activity.

    Second, is well probably the most likely and its that the creators having traded their morals for blindfolds in a shameful attempt to push you and me to spend money on this shi.. lovely game. Lol bet they eventually bring them back but say things like “To make it more equal quantum caps can now only be bought in the store from now on for the low low price 20000 store credit, happy hunting”.

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