Drone scanner/current scanner error

During my normal game play, I hack using my drone roughly every hour. I do this by leaving my dronenet active, then after hacking, putting the app into the background (still open but in the background) while I do other things on my phone, then resurfacing it when it's time for another hack.

Occassionally I drop out of the dronenet for any number of game reasons (recycling gear, recharging portals, etc) and have typically been able to do so without incident.

Until this morning...this morning when I dropped out of the dronenet I saw this:

The underlying map (roads) is my current location...but there are no portals in my current location facing that direction. *Those* portals are where my drone is located...the view of the dronenet. So somehow when I exited the dronenet this morning you allowed the portals to come along with me...or at least the image of them.

I realize that I should have quickly closed the app, but I have seen phantom portals appear in locations in which they did not actually exist fairly frequently and curiosity got the best of me, so I tried to enter one of these dronenet portals...and it let me.

I took no additIonal actions (i.e. did not try to hack it) and quickly exited the portal...and when I did all the dronenet portals were removed from my current location...in the same way that more local phantom portals behave when you enter and leave them.

I know others have reported dronenet problems...don't think I've seen this one yet.

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  • Not sure I could replicate it in 100 years of trying...and I have absolutely zero interest in trying. 😒

  • It may be that I exited the dronenet at the precise moment the game was waking up from being brought into the foreground and *at* that moment it tried to do both things at once (populate the dronenet environment and the current location environment)...only thing I can think of.

  • kittysukittysu ✭✭✭

    Something similar happened to me today - I don't recall seeing it before either. Opened the app, left dronenet, saw a portal I didn't expect - although I wondered if it was a new one, got as far as being offered resos to deploy before it dropped out and I realised where the portal came from.

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