operation one day of snow

Operation 1 day of snow 

After a long wait I took operation 1 day snow from the fridge. Finally. 

After a long hard bike ride from Geldrop to Heeze. With blowing snow gusts of wind. Nearly blown off my bike. Did I finally succeed. 

Arrived on location

Farm keys. 

Deploy portals, 

place mods. 

See if there are no blocks left. And lay the field. 

Required keys 3

Portal 3

Resonators 24

mods 6 

Links 3

Field 1

mind units 1



  • Absolutely insane OP. Amazing you managed to collect a team this size on such short notice. You guys surely conquered the elements in order to make this happen. We need more smurfs like this!

  • Hahaha fantastisch, goed gedaan!

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