Red factions just becoming annoying now.



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    I didn’t say it would solve it, just something to help motivate agents to clear it. In my area, most agents are ignoring them because it doesn’t affect their play style. A medal would definitely motivate agents to go a block or two out of their way… Not all, but more than what’s going on now…


    Exactly! I couldn't quite put my finger on how to express how I was feeling. Punished. I feel like we are being punished and forced to go out and find these red portals in order to play the game as intended. If this was a weekend event or even week long that would be really cool cause if you don't want to participate then you just sit out for the short time the event is running. But this is just getting insane now.

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    And here I am trying to start an infection because the two closest to me are pathetically slow to do anything. I've taken the time to drive over there and reduce the infections to a few portals each. And then it takes weeks for them to begin growing. The drive is only worth it about once a month. I want to start a closer one just to experiment with it.

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    While some may find a badge motivation enough.

    Reckon we just need to wait a bit more, I'm being optimistic about how the task system is going going to motivate OGs and NPs.

    Going from my own experience of the task system from Catan World Explorers, it was very motivating to do the tasks. With the Ingress devs, what they may have in store may be the motivation we need to take down the Reds

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    Because of this, a decay mechanism is my preferred fallback.

    Otherwise, just get rid of it except for special events.

    Another possibility - make it so it cannot cross its OWN links.

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    It makes me wonder why the spoofers are not taking out the Red Machina....

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    It only “needs” to cross link in this sense because Niantic has designed it to be very weak in some aspects (low defensive strength, no attacks v agent portals) and very strong in others (cross links, never decays to zero, always active, unlimited by real world geography/barriers).

    This lack of balance makes Machina really weak in some areas (that is, boring) and really strong in others (that is, suffocating), depending on the local game “ecosystem”.

    What’s the point of adding a game mechanic that is usually either suffocating or boring?

    I’m lucky, at least for now, that Machina is somewhat appropriately balanced in my city. But I can see it has started to take a solid foothold in a number of areas and it’s starting to look like it may soon cross a threshold.

    I’d really like to believe Niantic is analyzing all this and is thinking of ways it can make Machina better balanced. I’m not holding my breath though.

    One, very minimal, option may be to limit cross links to shorter distances (for example, less than 1 km). Or maybe it can only cross a limited number of links (1 or 2) or some combination of the two (links crossed + distance in km < X).

    And Machina absolutely needs some way to “die” without agent involvement. There are a number of natural analogues they could implement: age, overcrowding, isolation, etc.

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    Well, I've killed over 1000 Machina portals and barely made a dent in it here.

    Pretty over it to be honest.


    Seems like the only people who like Machina are the ones who don't have any near them and just wish they did. Everyone else seems to agree there needs to be a nerf.

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    Yeah our cell scores basically static now due to inability to add new fields.

    The opposition cant even **** our fields to make new ones coz its all shitlinked anyway so no incentive.

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    maybe it's on purpose.

    it became too easy to make a lot of mu.

    now you have to really play to do them not sit on keys on a deserted area

    Field smaller where you actually control the area

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    Please be patient, it is just piece of the overall game design improvement.

    There may be some plans yet to be revealed by the devs for us to contend with the Reds.

    This includes the task system

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    Agaiy, we don't know what the the long term plan is.

    There is hints of a plan.

    Can still do fielding, just going to take a bit more work to do.

    Those fields might not be as large as we were used to.

    I have the same issue. My multifield plans has vanished, but I don't them much anyway because it isn't going to make the slightest difference in the regional score

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    If there's a task based system for instance, destroying machina portals. Then someone will go out and destroy every one of them just to stop others from being able to finish the task. It will fail badly if it gets incorporated into tasks. But that's probably what will happen and someone will ruin it for everyone else. It's been done before. Hopefully they've thought about that before they add it.

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    Another thing to note, is the numerous players I've chatted to, who are yon the forums, who have expressed interest in playing Ingress, and are turned off without a task system.

    I'm an OG for Ingress, and if I were to throw a tantrum and rage quit, I'd done that around 3 years ago when the core features of my game were permanently removed.

    Still, I'm here, enjoying the game, even with 2/3s of it gone.

    I cannot even bother cleaning up blocking links to make fields, because I need an active oppositon. I just play casually and do what I can and not expecting a great deal.

    Even booked my trip to go to the Brisbane Anomaly in May, enjoying the game with what is happening.

    Mini events such as hexes, are enjoyed by players to be less grueling than an Anomaly, and the new task system will showcase this.

    Please be patient. All I can say.

  • Problem is that red portals dont decays

    This is definitely something that they did do but appear to have stopped doing, which may be a bug that @NianticBrian and/or @ofer2 need to fix.

    The fact that they just sit at 5% and never disappear guarantees uncontrolled growth and we're up to 5 million now, which is way beyond what anyone envisaged (I hope).

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    Is the lack of decay due to the bug in the Google App Engine? If so, please remove Machina until the bug is fixed.

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