Portal Submission Map Bug

When submitting ingress portals, it lagged extremely when zooming on the map and the marker did not move to the correct position. If you restart the game or uninstall and reinstall the app, the problem reoccurs. Please fix it

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  • I have this, too! Scrolling the map is slow and jumpy, and is impossible to place the pin precisely. Another ingress agent told me to uninstall/reinstall - and it works perfectly after that. Until the next time I try to make a batch of nominations. I have uninstalled/reinstalled more times than I can count now.

  • DizzyBumDizzyBum ✭✭
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    I've been having the same issue. I open Nominations, then when I try to move the map, it quickly gets laggier and laggier as I move the marker and it loads in more map tiles. Satellite and Map layers are both affected.

    The same issue happens when I try to submit a location edit on an existing portal.

    Device: Samsung Galaxy S9

    OS: Android 10

    Version: 2.106.1

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  • tehstonetehstone ✭✭✭

    This bug is really a pain. Most of my nominations are submitted from home on wi-fi and it's currently a very time consuming and difficult process to accurately place the location pin.

  • It's almost impossible to set the marker at the correct spot. I will not spend literal minutes for a process that should take only seconds and I will certainly not reinstall Ingress after every submission (which seems to be the only "fix"). This is frustrating

  • This is still an issue.

    Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    OS: Android 10

    Version 2.108.1

    I'm just sitting on 40 submissions right now. Not going to deal with this out in the boonies.

  • HopeaKotkaHopeaKotka ✭✭✭✭

    Having the same issue.

    After using map for 30-60 seconds the map controls gets very slow and practically unusable.

    It is slow/almost stuck both in Satellite and Map modes.

    This happens specially when you do the nomination with "Existing Photo" and select the correct location more than 1-10 kilometers away from home.

    No issues when you do a nomination next to the portal and you need to move location only about 5-40 meters from your current location. As map controls works ok for first 5-15 seconds.

    Is only Android affected?

    Samsung S10+
    Android 12
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