The Case for More Key Lockers

1) There are more portals now. Thus, more keys needed if you want to be prepared for dynamic fielding.

2) We've been nominating for 5 years. It's heartbreaking to have to delete the key of something I've created because it isn't practical to keep them all. (I have 364 portals created, with 16 waiting decision, and many more to nominate. Many have more than me.)

3) Qcap removal: If I hack a place that MAY be useful in the future, I'll need to hack 20+ keys - and keep them, maybe years, until they come in handy. Formerly, I could put 5 keys in a quantum and consider an op as they grow.

How about allow 8 Key Lockers (8 is a big number in Ingress), and +1 for each recursion?



  • I don't expect any discussion here. There is nothing to add; except similar ideas in the same direction - it's all crystal clear and true.

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  • tp235tp235 ✭✭✭

    Realistically speaking, it would be difficult to expand the keylocker any further.

    But on the other hand, since Niantic has opened dynamic links to players, it may be possible to do so by saving any portals you want, like Pikmin's postcards. (However, operations such as recharging are not available.)

    I believe this is the most practical solution.

    Also, I've heard that some have requested a media locker, but there have been conversations in the past between Niantic staff and one player called the Media King (he has 2000 media) that it is difficult given the development costs of creating new items.

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    I reluctantly burned my 13AR media about 2 years ago. Just after I did that, CORE came out with 500 extra inventory slots. Doh! (I am still mad that my Dreamer solve didn't get recorded.)

    But I currently have 30 or so First Saturday media that I would love to put in a locker.

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    I put some rare keys from my travels into my qcap. When they dupe, I drop/give item as gifts. People love this, so they can show off the key to others, such as millenium falcon, holy grail, eiffel tower, others. Qcap removal makes me sad for this

  • A souvenir vault is a far better idea than more key capsules for the sake of it.

    Get all of those submitted keys, drop them in a vault where they'll never return from, but you have one you can look back at, and problem solved. You only keep keys for the portals that you need keys for, and still have your ability to look at all your old ones. Additionally, same thing should be implemented for Media so that people can free up all that old space that's wasted.

  • I purposely waste space to give people holy grails and millenium falcons. They love it. People love gifts. I only ask them to put it in a qcap and pass them along.

    Ok, toast media, maybe not so much.

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