Multiple Drones

I have caught the Multiple Drones bug. After each cooldown I get a "Portal not in range" error after moving the first drone. I drop out of dronenet, re-enter dronenet and move the second drone. It will then successfully allow a hack.

I reported this issue via the in-game help center just over a week ago without any response, so I thought I would try here.


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  • Two weeks later, still have 2 drones. I just filed another report in app, plus posting update here.

    Maybe this time?

  • I got portal is not range message and portal burned out it may take significant time for the portal to reset message on the Drone after moving it

  • Three weeks later, two app re-installs, 2 reports to the in-app Help Center, no response, no change. Still have to move two drones each time I want to drone hack.

    There seems to be a lot of reports with this same issue. Has anyone successfully had the issue resolved?

  • Nearly a solid month with the issue. Would tagging @NianticVK help? Should I file an in-app report every time I drone hack? I can't wait for the next reduced drone timer event...



    But, yes, I would like this fixed please!


  • Sorry about the delay, @IssacarSpafford! I've shared it with the dedicated team. I'll get back soon with an update.

  • I have the same problem. But sending an in-app report doesn't help me. Why the hell you are able to run a script and replacing the quantum capsules but you can't run a checker script searching for multiple drones? Serious.....

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