Two Green Kinetic Capsules Detected In Inventory.

Recently, I have found two green kinetic capsules in my inventory. Only one of them seems to be counting up steps towards the Item I want. Both capsules have the same I.D.

After claiming the original items, neither of the capsules seem to work. The one that counted up 8km will not produce anything. The screen goes dark and hangs.

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  • @LHstation do you still have both green kinetic capsules? I almost don't want to respond to this because I feel like mine will mysteriously disappear lol. This is literally the only post I could find was somebody talking about having two green kinetics 🤣

    I'd have to double check when I got them I had redeemed two very rare loadout cards that gave me quantum's and a week or so later I noticed they disappeared. I can't keep track of if it's taking an extra count out of purple kinetic capsules everytime one is completed.

    The two green kinetic capsules have different ID or serial numbers. I originally kept getting the black screen when claiming the capsules on both kinetics. (I now claim all before starting them all because the different ones completed all at different times was driving me bonkers lol)

  • My serial numbers were originally the same and I noticed I had 2 green kinetics around February 7th🤣

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