I am not receiving system notifications of attacks, etc.

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I have changed the Gmail associated with my game account.

Is there any impact from this?

I initially logged in to Google with email address A. I wanted to change my email address, so I switched to Facebook authentication once I did.

I wanted to change my email address, so once I switched to Facebook authentication, I

I unlinked my Google account and linked it to my new Google account.

I have reinstalled the application and reconfigured the notification settings but have not resolved the issue.

The device we are using is Android only.

I am using translation. Sorry for any funny grammar.

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  • Gun10dGun10d ✭✭
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    1. create an Ingress account with Google account "xxxxx@gmail.com" 

    2. Since there was a spelling mistake in the account, link my Facebook account and log in there.

    3. unlink my Google account and re-link my account with the correct spelling "yyyyy@gmail.com". 

    4. Log in with my Google account "yyyyy@gmail.com".

    In this state, I keep getting email notifications to "xxxxx@gmail.com".

    I don't receive any system notifications either, probably because "xxxxx@gmail.com" doesn't exist in my phone account.

  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    Are there notifications if login via Facenook?

    Is battery optimisation turned off?

  • I will not be notified when you log in with Facebook.

    Email notifications continue to be sent to the email address I used when you created my account.

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