no longer receiving attack notification email

I am no longer receiving attack notifications emails. I asked around, and at least two other agents noticed this same recent behavior, which leads me to believe this isn't related to my personal email.

On January 6th, 7:49am PST, I received attack notification emails. After that, including several attacks on Jan 6 as early as 9:34am PST, and hundreds of attacks on Saturday, Jan 7th related to IFS, I received zero attack notification emails.

I am still getting notifications in app, through mobile push, and in intel. The problem is isolated to emails only. My email preferences haven't changed. I confirmed the box is still ticked to receive notices.

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  • I confirm, mist recent email is jan 6..

  • I awere same trouble.

    My latest email from Ingress is on January 6th, 23:32 JST. That is almost same timing as 7:49am PST.

    Other emails are delivered correctly.

    So I guess this trouble cause is Ingress service.

  • Same here

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  • Same here, and also hearing from others they are not receiving confirmation emails about mission submissions either.

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    Same. I'm also missing notifications for accepted Wayspot edits (like pictures for example), only getting the 500AP shows me ive had something accepted.

  • same here, hope it gets fixed soon

  • Same here

  • Same here

  • Mission emails are not being sent as well.

  • It looks like emails are starting to flow again (wrong timestamps from past attacks). Hopefully it's a sign that everything will by correct once the backlog is clear.

  • It seems fixed.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Appears to be a server side fix has been put in place.

    I'm getting all my attack notification emails now

  • I had a burst of emails about 5 hours ago from Saturday's attacks, but that's it. It wasn't all of them, and I haven't received any since then (despite alerts on my phone).

  • I got a bunch of attackmails last night with wrong timestaps, but apparently not all of them.

    This morning the mails came in with the correct timestaps, but im missing a few. For example theres at least a 10min gap where all mails are missing.

  • This appears to be resolved and working back at 100% now.

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