Glyph board not registering glyph drawing (sporadic)

Since around 12/30/2022 I started experiencing the following issue. When glyph hacking, while drawing glyphs sometimes the game doesn't register that I am drawing the glyph. I begin drawing the glyph - the game highlights the initial dot where I first touched my phone screen and started the glyph drawing but doesn't reflect me drawing the glyph pattern. Only the initial dot remains highlighted and nothing else. The game behaves as though I touched the initial dot and never moved my finger afterward. When I notice this, I lift my finger up and just re-draw the same glyph the same way and the game correctly registers it. The issue seems to happen only when I start drawing glyphs from the bottom (6 o'clock) or the lower-right (4 o'clock) dot, and there's about a 50/50% chance that the issue will happen when I start at either of these two dots. Starting drawing from any other dots doesn't produce the issue. 

I've been playing the game since 2016 and haven't really changed how I draw glyphs and not doing anything different when the issue occurs VS not occurs. The touch screen of my phone works 100% everywhere else including all other game screens and all other games/apps and the OS. As a workaround, for the glyphs that I normally start with either of these two dots, I started drawing them in the reverse order, to start drawing from another dot, and the issue is not occurring.

The phone I am using is Motorola Moto G Power with Android OS version 11.

I am attaching a screenshot of the issue occurring at the lower-right dot (4 o'clock), and also providing a link to a video I took of the issue occurring at the bottom dot (6 o'clock).

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